Open Range Construction Co.

We can work with complete or incomplete plans, ideas sketched on a napkin, or design plans from scratch that fit your needs. We also have an number of pre-existing plans to choose from like the ones listed on this page. For a list of floor plan and design ideas, download our.
Planning for a new home can be an exciting, challenging and sometimes overwhelming experience. For most of us, a new home is one of the largest financial decisions we will make, and one that done properly can provide benefits for years to come. Not only in dollars and cents, but also in the many things money can't buy. The right home reflects the priorities of your family, from a vaulted great room perfect for holiday celebrations to a sunlit breakfast area ideal for Saturday morning pancakes.

We have designed a Planning Guide to assist you in the selection and design of your new home. It is equally useful for selecting from a library of existing plans as well as guiding you in the design of a custom home. You will be asked to define priorities, establish needs and explore adjacencies, all of which combine to form a foundation of guidelines from which to proceed. If you are interested in designing a new home simply include a completed copy of the guide along with any additional sketches or ideas for a design proposal. Most of us wouldn't think twice about hiring an expert Financial Planner to set up our retirement accounts, use that same good judgment by selecting quality design and construction services when you plan your next home.